Emotional Images   -   Vera Younan

Color Grading

Color Grading means enhancing colors for movies. Since 2001 I am working in the film-industry, taking care of the emotional feel of pictures for TV and Cinema.

I am passionate about working on beautiful and interesting images with powerful tools to add more feeling and impact to the story.

Let me help you making your film look great!

I am experienced on the following systems:

daVinci Resolve

Digital Vision - Nucoda Filmmaster

Filmlight - Baselight           

daVinci 2kplus

Spirit Data Cine Telecine


Studying photography at the Royal Institute of Techology in Melbourne/ Australia taught me a lot about the way to communicate via the image.

Its all about the idea, content, composition and quality and of course: style!


I love being outside!

Going for a walk with the dogs or horseriding, taking in all the the impressions of light and fragrances in nature while leaving the hectic of the city behind...


Observing the changes of light during daytime, depending on the weather gives me a great idea of how colors work on our emotions.